Just getting started on Instagram? Here are 10 essential tips to keep in mind.

Source: 10 Instagram Tips for Beginners Updated September 13, 2016

Instagram has seen a lot of changes over these past few years that it’s grown to become one of the most popular social networks. Most recently, the introduction of the Snapchat-like Stories feature has completely changed the way Instagram users share content and engage with their followers.  Gone are the days when Instagram was just s simple little app for sharing photos with vintage filters. Today, the app has all sorts of hidden features that aren’t so obvious to discover through casual use of the app.  Are you taking advantage of these features? Find out by having a look through the list below.

1 Automatically filter inappropriate comments.

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Let’s face it — we all know Instagram has a troll problem. Just take a look at any post from a user with over 10,000 followers and you’re almost guaranteed to stumble across at least one very mean comment.

Instagram now allows users to hide inappropriate comments by filtering out certain customizable keywords. To use this feature, simply navigate to your user settings from your profile, scroll down through your options and tap “Comments” under the Settings section.

2 Pause, rewind, fast forward and skip through stories.

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Stories are still quite new, and like Snapchat, they’re meant to be over in a few seconds. If you turn your head for a second or zone out while watching a story, you could miss out on the content.

Lucky for you, there are a few better solutions to re-watching a story all over again. To pause a story, just tap and hold. To rewind a story, tap the top left of the screen (beneath the user’s profile photo and username). To fast forward through a user’s multiple stories, just tap the screen. And to skip an entire user’s stories, swipe left.

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