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Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my free QuickBooks training

In this brief video I’m will go over how I approach teaching QuickBooks. I’ll talk briefly about the different versions of QuickBooks that are available today and talk about the version you might be using. Even if you use an older version of QuickBooks, the fundamentals you pick up in this training definitely help you.

This free QuickBooks training will help the following people:

  • People brand-new to QuickBooks
  • Small business people
  • New employees and employees trying to learn QuickBooks
  • Experienced QuickBooks users
  • People learning QuickBooks for a new job

If you need additional help I have a wide range of training options. I offer one-on-one training, classes, webinars and on-site visits. I have clients all around the world because of technology that allows me to reach out to you wherever you are. To start, I offer all of my clients one hour of my time for free so you can get to know me and I can get to know you.

If you need additional QuickBooks help, or for that matter, help of any type‚Ķplease get in touch with me. My phone number is 781-728-9777. I hope you enjoy my training and I’d love to get feedback and questions from you.


Tony Holowitz
Chief Old Dog