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Microsoft Word

There are more than 70 Microsoft Word video tutorials and tips listed in numerical order on this website. Start learning Microsoft Office by learning Microsoft Word. Watching my tutorials in order is equivalent to taking a class that you can come back to as often as you like, for free. Visit Word Tutorials

Microsoft Excel

Almost all of us use Microsoft Excel at some point in our careers. My Microsoft Excel tutorials and tips take the mystery out of working with Microsoft Excel. There are more than 45 Microsoft Excel tutorials to help you navigate the software. Enjoy.  Visit Excel Tutorials

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is used by most of us to send and receive emails. We spend so much time on this task that it is imperative that you learn how to become efficient with managing email. We will explore Microsoft Outlook with more than 25 tutorials on how to make the most out of Microsoft Outlook and all of its tools.  Visit Outlook Tutorials

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool to create presentations for many different settings. I have created more than 20 tutorials that will teach you how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. In addition, I will review resources that will make your presentations in PowerPoint awesome. Visit PowerPoint Tutorials

Computers 101

If you are looking to improve your computer skills, you have come to the right place. I specialize in helping everyday computer users get more out of their computers. My free tutorials will teach you how to be a better computer user every day. Visit Computer Tutorials

Google Tips & Tools

Google is an amazing resource. It is a search engine. It is a library at your fingertips. I will teach you new search tips and techniques, as well as, all about tools that Google offers to computer users. You thought you knew Google! Visit Google Tutorials

iPhone & iPad Tips

I am from an iPhone family. My wife and children use iPhones. Therefore, I strive to create and find iPhone and iPad tips and tutorials that will help the everyday user. These tools will add a new dimension to your life every day. Visit iPhone Tutorials

QuickBooks Training

I use QuickBooks for my business and I teach my clients how to use QuickBooks. These tips and tutorials will teach you how to get started using QuickBooks at your business and is also a great resource for training employees to use QuickBooks.  Visit QuickBooks Tutorials

10 – Microsoft Word Tip 10: Undo & Redo Feature

Undo and Redo Makes Microsoft Word Easier One of my favorite functions in Microsoft Word and other Microsoft office products is the undo and redo feature. This feature can help you save a great deal of time when it comes to creating documents or anything for that...

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Text Message Scam

Let me set the scene: your friend John is rushing to get his daughter from school and his son to the soccer field, and he still needs to stop at the grocery store because there’s nothing in the fridge. In the midst of this everyday madness, he gets a text message from...

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Google Alerts

Google alerts is a great tool for individuals and businesses. Google alerts gives you the ability to monitor the Internet and to be notified when something occurs. For example, you might want to create an alert for your name, or your business name. Google alerts has a...

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Twitter Tip 1: I Love Twitter. I Hate Twitter

I'm a Twitter Skeptic: I've created two brief tutorials in which I discuss the pros and cons of my opinion! I must confess I'm a Twitter skeptic, I just don't get it. On one hand it's an interesting tool for you to be able to reach out to people you are...

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Computer Tip 19: Introducing Beth Ziesenis: Beth Z.

Through the years, I have developed a lot of general knowledge about computers. I’ve learned about tools that are available to the everyday computer user; tools that make computers easier to work with. Many of those tools have been outlined in a book that I’d like to...

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Access Tip 7: Working with Forms

In Access 2010, data is stored in tables, but you'll often use forms to view and edit the information. Compared to tables, forms are easier and faster to use. In many databases, forms play a crucial role, as they allow you to add data to several related tables at...

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Will My iPhone App Work on My iPad? And How Do I Copy It?

Will My iPhone App Work on My iPad? And How Do I Copy It? If you have purchased a large number of apps on your iPhone, you may be wondering what will happen when you upgrade to the iPad.  The iPhone and the iPad both run iOS, which is Apple's operating system designed...

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Computer Tip 1: A Computer Overview

Free Computer Training: Introduction to Computers Welcome to my free computer training at free computer training is going to introduce you to your computer and software such as Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word,...

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2 – Microsoft Excel 2003 Training Class Part 2

Free Excel Training Part 2 (55:00) Click Here to Start Excel 2 Begin:Quick review of Excel 1: Includes formatting | Increase & decrease decimal point | Formula bar | AutoSum | Creating formulas | Using control and shift key to select cells | Understanding an...

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