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iPhone Tip 32: iOS 9 Hands On Preview

Aaron Zollo of is a great resource that I use when I have questions about iPads, iPhones and all kinds of technology. I subscribe to Aaron’s technology channel on YouTube and in this video he reviews the most recent update to Apple’s operating system iOS...

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iPhone Tip 34: Apple Music Review – by Zollotech

Apple released Apple Music earlier today and is their entry into the streaming music field. I’ve been using it throughout the day and I (Zollotech) will show you all of the features that come with your Apple Music subscription. Let me know what you think of Apple...

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2 – Microsoft Excel 2003 Training Class Part 2

Free Excel Training Part 2 (55:00) Click Here to Start Excel 2 Begin:Quick review of Excel 1: Includes formatting | Increase & decrease decimal point | Formula bar | AutoSum | Creating formulas | Using control and shift key to select cells | Understanding an...

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Access Tip 4: Working with Databases

A Database consists of multiple objects, and Access treats each object as a separate file that can be opened, saved, and closed. In fact, since you're saving the objects individually, you won't actually be saving the database itself. The database is kind of like a...

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1 – Microsoft Excel 2003 Training Class Part 1

Learn Microsoft Excel 2003 for Free Most of my Microsoft Excel training videos were recorded using Excel 2003.  If you are using Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, the fundamentals you’ll learn in the Excel 2003 videos will carry over to these newer versions.  The biggest...

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13 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 13: Inserting Creation Date

This is how you insert the document creation date. In this tutorial we will show you how to insert the creation date of the document in Microsoft Word 2003. This can be important if you need to know when a document was originally created. I suspect this can be useful...

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Facebook Profile, Privacy & Account Settings

Make sure you pay attention to your Facebook profile, privacy & account settings. These settings and options can change frequently and you should come back and look at them periodically. Facebook is collecting a lot of data about you and you want to protect...

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Attention Android Device Users: I Need Your Help!

I have been in iPhone user for years and as you can see that there are many tips for iPhone users on this website. I am looking for ideas for Android tips and training on Android devices and I need someone to assist me with that endeavor.  Do me a favor, take a look...

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22 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 22: Open Multiple Documents

Here's a quick tip on opening multiple documents or files at one time. In this tutorial I will show you how to open multiple documents at the same time in Microsoft Word. Although I'm using Microsoft Word 2003 as the vehicle to teach you this, you can also do this in...

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Resource: Official Android Blog

Safety First: Four easy Android security tips With the amount that we do online, from working to learning, shopping to connecting, online security is a critical piece of our everyday life. That’s why we build multiple lines of defense in Android to make the internet...

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iPhone Tip 6: Texting

If you have teenagers you know all about texting. I had never sent a text in my life into my oldest child got a cell phone. All they do is text. If this tutorial Aaron from Zollotech teaches you how to use your iPhone to send and receive text messages. If you have an...

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Alexa Tip 2: 15 Amazon Echo tips and tricks – CNET

What is Alexa? How does it work? Amazon’s new Alexa is a tool which I do not own. I have not felt compelled to purchase or even learn about this technology at this moment in time. My wife’s aunt and uncle have one and I became intrigued by the simple fact that they...

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Best Android Apps: November 2015 – YouTube

Best Android Apps: November 2015 by DeviceCustomizer via YouTube Here is a list some of the best apps of this month. All of these apps were either released or received a major update recently. Android users, do you agree?  

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Links in Facebook Posts

Share this website on Facebook! Hi I ladies and gentlemen, in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add links to a Facebook post. If you want to share a website such as on Facebook, this is how you do it. Enjoy....

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24 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 24: Document Properties

In this tutorial we will explore your document properties. I bet you didn't know that your document had feelings. No, scratch that, I meant to say properties. Every time you create a Microsoft Word document it creates properties and this tutorial shows you how to...

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