iPhone Tip 14: Google Maps

How to Use Google Maps, Traffic and GPS on iPhones At some point you will have an experience with your iPhone that will make you say WOW! All of the sudden you realize how powerful that little phone is; you'll realize it's like having a computer in your pocket.  That...

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YouTube Tip 6: Sharing YouTube Videos

This tutorial will show you how to share videos you find on YouTube. If you find a video on YouTube that you want to share with other people this is how you accomplish that task. It is actually quite easy to share video. You can send a link to other people via email,...

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Computer Tip 1: A Computer Overview

Free Computer Training: Introduction to Computers Welcome to my free computer training at TeachAnOldDogNewTricks.com.My free computer training is going to introduce you to your computer and software such as Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word,...

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Computer Tip 28: Screen Resolution

In this tutorial I will teach you how to adjust your monitor's screen resolution. The screen resolution of your computer monitor settings impact how much information you see on your computer screen. If you want to see a lot of information the text and content will...

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Twitter Tip 3: How to Use Twitter

In my previous tutorials I have introduced you to twitter and in these tutorials I'm going to discuss how to use Twitter on a daily basis. Introduction to Twitter http://youtu.be/NoeaLG0B0dE How to Use Twitter http://youtu.be/OzHAHpDe0ag Tweeting is Like Texting...

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