Editing Photos on Facebook

In this tutorial we will take a look at editing photos on Facebook. Invariably, you will want to occasionally added photos that you put on Facebook. Facebook has some tools that allow you to do this and it just takes a little bit of time and practice. This tutorial...

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iPhone Tip 21: Voice Memos

How Do I Use The Voice Memos App On My Apple iPhone? In my last tutorial I talked about keeping notes on your iPhone. This tutorial is a little bit different, this tutorial will teach you how to create voice memos that can take the place of notes. Let's face it, we...

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iPhone Tip 6: Texting

If you have teenagers you know all about texting. I had never sent a text in my life into my oldest child got a cell phone. All they do is text. If this tutorial Aaron from Zollotech teaches you how to use your iPhone to send and receive text messages. If you have an...

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