Access Tip 9: Simple Query

Queries allow you to search for and compile data from one or more tables in Access. They are one of the best ways of analyzing the data you have in your database. Depending on what you're trying to find out, they can range from very simple to very complex. In this...

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iPhone Tip 14: Google Maps

How to Use Google Maps, Traffic and GPS on iPhones At some point you will have an experience with your iPhone that will make you say WOW! All of the sudden you realize how powerful that little phone is; you'll realize it's like having a computer in your pocket.  That...

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Adding Photos and Videos to Facebook

Hi ladies and gentlemen, in this tutorial I will show you how to add photos and videos to a Facebook post. One of the great things about Facebook is that you can share photos and videos. With a little practice you can do this on a regular basis, it's not that hard....

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Google Voice

Your Google Voice number can ring multiple phones at one time. Google Voice is a free service of Google. After you pick the Google phone number you can assign that number to multiple sources. For example, your Google Voice number when called can bring your home phone,...

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Text Message Scam

Let me set the scene: your friend John is rushing to get his daughter from school and his son to the soccer field, and he still needs to stop at the grocery store because there’s nothing in the fridge. In the midst of this everyday madness, he gets a text message from...

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Microsoft Ribbon and Tabs Tutorials

Microsoft Office Training Tutorials: Introducing the Microsoft Ribbon & Tabs When I teach people things about Microsoft Office I typically use Microsoft Word as the tool to create my tutorials. The things you learn Microsoft Word will carry over to Excel,...

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