Ask Dave Taylor: Who is Dave Taylor?

Dave Taylor is a tech writer and entrepreneur who produces fantastic technology articles and videos on a wide range of computer and technical subject matter. Dave is the founder of and has created more than 4000 tutorials about technology....

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Google Voice

Your Google Voice number can ring multiple phones at one time. Google Voice is a free service of Google. After you pick the Google phone number you can assign that number to multiple sources. For example, your Google Voice number when called can bring your home phone,...

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YouTube Tip 8: Videos of a Typical Day

YouTube Video Examples: A Typical Work Day To illustrate my point that you could find videos on YouTube about just about anything, I found myself wondering how could I get that point across to you. I decided on illustrating a typical work day for many of us. That...

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Access Tip 14: Creating Reports

If you want to show some of your data to another person, you'll often want to make it look as professional as possible, and simply showing them a table or query may not be impressive enough. Luckily, Access lets you turn a table or query into a report that you can...

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Amazon Echo review – CNET

Fall 2016 update Since introducing the original Amazon Echo in November 2014, Amazon has continued to refresh and expand its lineup of hands-free, voice-enabled speakers. In April, the company introduced the Echo Dot, a smaller version of the Echo, and in September...

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