Spritz Helps you Read Faster.

Spritz is a new tool that takes text from something you read and tries to speedup and simplify the reading process. I recently discovered when I watched a local news show called Chronicle, an excellent news magazine here in the Boston area. Quite often they will do...

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iPhone Tip 22: Compass

Here is a review of the iPhone Compass on an iPhone Have you ever been lost in the woods? Maybe you've wandered around the city and so lost track of where you are; I have. The compass on your iPhone can serve as a tool to help you find your way. I must confess I'm not...

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YouTube Tip 5: Who Makes These Videos?

Everybody Makes Videos These Days! In this tutorial on I am going to talk about who is making all of these videos that we see on YouTube. Video cameras and smart phones with built-in video cameras allow us to quickly record and upload videos directly to YouTube. In a...

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