Google Flights is a solid tool for booking travel. You’re probably already familiar with its basic functions, like finding the best price for flights and browsing flexible dates that can save you money and time. However, there are some other, lesser-known features that can help you squeeze even more out of your travel budget.

Find the Cheapest Months to Fly

Let’s say you know where you want to go, but you don’t know when. Maybe you want to sip Mai Tai’s in Hawaii, but you can’t afford to spend $800+ on a ticket in high season. You could research the cheapest months to fly, on average. Those estimates are usually pretty accurate, but obviously, your actual results might vary when it comes time to actually booking your tickets.

Instead, plug in your destination from Google Flights, select “flexible dates,” and you can browse real, current prices by month. The “flexible dates” tab shows you a calendar view of fares, but the price graph will give you a more visual, general idea of prices. It’s also a little easier to navigate, because you can see a wider and more specific range at once.

The Best Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare With Google Flights

Source: The Best Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare With Google Flights

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