Excel 2013: PivotTables

Creating a Microsoft Excel pivottable is a great way to quickly break down data in multiple ways. When you start using a pivottable in Microsoft Excel it can seem a little bit daunting. My experience has been that if you work with data that you fully understand, pivottables are much easier to work with. If […]

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Excel 2013: AutoFilter

Learning to use Microsoft Excel’s AutoFilter feature is a simple and easy way to quickly break down an Excel Spreadsheet filled with data. For a typical Microsoft Excel user auto filter is a quick and easy way to break down data quickly and efficiently. The great thing about auto filter in Excel is that you […]

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Free Microsoft Excel Training

New Microsoft Excel 2013 Training

My Microsoft Excel 2013 training is designed for all the users of Microsoft Excel. This training is created using Excel 2013.  If you currently use Excel 2010 or Excel 2007, you will find little difference between the versions. If you are Microsoft Excel 2003 user, this course is perfect. My experience has been that to […]

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Excel 2013 Part 1

This tutorial will help you acclimated with Microsoft Excel 2013. This free Microsoft Excel 2013 video will show you how to get around and open Microsoft Excel. This is the first in a series of tutorials that should be watched in order.  I will review the differences in Excel versions from Excel 2003 (what I […]

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Excel 2013 Part 2

Do not be intimidated by Microsoft Excel 2013. In this tutorial we will take a look at moving around in Microsoft Excel. We will insert some simple text and show you how to move things around. We will also look at resizing columns and rows.  Excel has more than 16,000 columns and 1,000,000 rows at […]

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Excel 2013 Part 3

Inserting Simple Text into Excel. In this tutorial we will take a look at putting data in Microsoft Excel; in this case some very simple text.  You will learn how to edit text and different options for moving around cells.  We will take a look at the concept of cell spill-over.  

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Excel 2013 Part 4

Moving Information Around in Excel. We take a look at moving content from one cell or many cells around in Excel.  I’ll also show you how to duplicate the contents of a cell.  Fundamental computer skills will come into play here with some simple drag and drop techniques.  I’ll also teach you some of the […]

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Excel 2013 Part 5

This tutorial opens you up to the magic of Excel. Excel is a blank sheet of paper with cells that awaits your information. Excel lends itself to many uses. In this tutorial we take a look at creating numbered lists and other simple shortcuts to make entering data easier than you ever expected.  Excel can […]

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Excel 2013 Part 6

Adding Sheets to a Microsoft Excel Workbook. You open a workbook, you work with sheets, commonly referred to as a spreadsheet.  I will show you how to move, color and rename all the sheets in your workbook.  Enjoy!

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Excel 2013 Part 7

We step out of Excel theory and show you a simple working example of how to use Microsoft Excel. Don’t get to overwhelmed with the nuts and bolts of Excel, just start using it for something you need to track because you will learn more in this manner than all others.  This tutorial help you […]

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Excel 2013 Part 8: Tony’s Place 1

Tony’s Place is a fictitious pizza shop that I use to illustrate how to use Excel to run a simple spreadsheet. In this tutorial we make a ugly looking spreadsheet look pretty so you can get a promotion to regional manager of Tony’s place.  Part 1 covers cosmetic aspects of Excel and Part 2 looks […]

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