iPhone Tip 25: iCloud

iCloud Backup Service for your iPhone In this tutorial we will learn about iCloud for your iPhone and related devices. Aaron at Zollotech does a great job of explaining how to keep all of your information safe and in multiple places. If you haven’t started using iCloud yet, I suggest you do. Thank you. From […]

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iPhone Tip 22: Compass

Here is a review of the iPhone Compass on an iPhone Have you ever been lost in the woods? Maybe you’ve wandered around the city and so lost track of where you are; I have. The compass on your iPhone can serve as a tool to help you find your way. I must confess I’m […]

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Tony Holowitz: Tony The Teacher

iPhone Tip 21: Voice Memos

How Do I Use The Voice Memos App On My Apple iPhone? In my last tutorial I talked about keeping notes on your iPhone. This tutorial is a little bit different, this tutorial will teach you how to create voice memos that can take the place of notes. Let’s face it, we tend to be […]

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iPhone Tip 20: Notes

How to use Apple Notes on an iPhone We all have things to keep track of today. For example, a grocery list. How about a to do list. Maybe a list of names of people you see on occasion.  The iPhone notes application is a simple way of keeping notes of things that are important […]

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iPhone Tip 19: Calendar

Calendar Ideas by Merlin Dean Wouldn’t it be nice to have a calendar to keep track of everything you need to do? Your iPhone has a calendar and in this tutorial you will learn how to use that calendar to keep track of events that are relevant in your life. It is also possible to […]

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iPhone Tip 18: Calculator

How Do I Use The Calculator On My Apple iPhone? As of stated all along your iPhone does a variety of things, in this case it is a calculator. This tutorial will show you how to use the iPhone calculator and I suspect, yet I have not confirmed, that there are a wide variety of […]

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