15 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 15: Toolbar Options

The toolbar is just one of the many things you can customize in Microsoft Office. Microsoft office is made it easy for you to customize the toolbar in Microsoft Word 2003. Well, maybe easy isn't the right way to describe it. Customizing the toolbar allows you to add...

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17 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 17: Justification

Think of justification as the look and feel of newspaper columns. When you justify your document it adds space between words in Microsoft Word. By adding space it takes its words and spreads them out so that the right edge of the last word always ends up perfectly...

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Access Tip 20: Customizing Form Settings

If you really want to fine-tune your forms, you'll need to use the Property Sheet. The Property Sheet lets you make extremely detailed changes to your forms. Since there are so many things that you can change, you should be extra careful when using the Property Sheet....

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Computer Tip 2: Learn Microsoft Word First

Learn Microsoft Word First When I teach people about computers I always tell them a great place to start is with Microsoft Word. I can only speak for myself, but when I teach people Microsoft Word I also teach them a lot of little things that will carry over into...

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Access Tip 4: Working with Databases

A Database consists of multiple objects, and Access treats each object as a separate file that can be opened, saved, and closed. In fact, since you're saving the objects individually, you won't actually be saving the database itself. The database is kind of like a...

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8 – Google Search Tips: Date Ranges

In this tutorial I will teach you a Google search tip that allows you to add dates and ranges to your Google search.  This is a great way to find or avoid outdated information when searching. http://youtu.be/Xy-EjX6E2Wo Tony Holowitz: Free Google Search Tips and...

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iPhone Tip 23: Introducing Siri

Siri Makes the iPhone Easier to Use My first iPhone was an iPhone 4 and Siri was not available on the iPhone 4.My second iPhone was an iPhone 5 in Siri became available with the iPhone 4s; which was the model between the iPhone 4 and 5. In my opinion one of the best...

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Advanced password tips and tricks from OnGuardOnline.Gov

Time to create another password? Make it a secure one. A little extra attention when you create a strong password can prevent an attacker from getting access to your account. Your password should be long, complex, and unique. Here are additional steps you can take to...

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5 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 5: Cut, Copy & Paste

This tutorial will teach you how to cut, copy and paste. This tutorial will teach you some of the most fundamental aspects of working with your computer. Occasionally we need to cut text away from something and paste it in another position. Sometimes we just need to...

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4 – Google Search Tips: Searching a Specific Website

On occasion you might want to search for information on a specific web site with Google. For example, an article about John Smith at the New York Times web site. Please watch my video to learn how to accomplish this specific type of advanced Google search....

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Resource: Official Android Blog

Safety First: Four easy Android security tips With the amount that we do online, from working to learning, shopping to connecting, online security is a critical piece of our everyday life. That’s why we build multiple lines of defense in Android to make the internet...

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Hillary: Take a Picture of that Business Card

The Camera on your Smartphone can be used in many creative ways! My wife and I are having some work done on our home; we are having it painted. When the painters arrived, the boss gave us a business card that we promptly misplaced. When I located the business card, I...

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Computer Training for Seniors: Free Computers 101 Class

I have learned through the years that a large number of senior citizens have taken advantage of my free computer training. Quite often, these are good folks that missed the computer revolution and they are trying to catch up. Not to worry. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks...

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Computer Security Tips and OnGuardOnline.gov

Here is another great video from the Federal Trade Commissions YouTube channel about computer security.  OnGuardOnline.gov is the federal government’s website to help you be safe, secure and responsible online. The Federal Trade Commission manages OnGuardOnline.gov,...

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Changing Your Browser Toolbars and Menus

Changing and locking your browser's toolbars. In this tutorial we will take a look at some of the ways you can modify and change the menus on your browser's toolbar. In addition to that we will also take a look at locking the toolbar so you don't accidentally, or on...

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11 – Google Search Tips: Calculator

Google is a calculator and I suspect you didn't know that. In this video tutorial I will show you how to use Google to do both simple and slightly complex math. Don't be scared, the math is harmless. http://youtu.be/7Rm-U4gFC-8 Tony Holowitz: Free Google Search Tips...

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Start your PC in safe mode in Windows 10 – Windows Help

Start your PC in safe mode in Windows 10 Applies to Windows 10 Safe mode starts Windows in a basic state, using a limited set of files and drivers. It can help you troubleshoot problems on your PC. For example, if the problem doesn't happen in safe mode, you'll know...

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3 – Microsoft Outlook 2003 Training

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Training Part 3 of 3 (137 minutes) Email (74:00) Starting Microsoft Outlook (1:00) Send and receive an email (4:00) To, Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) (5:00) Understanding the differences between CC & BCC (4:00) Spelling &...

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Computer Tip 24: Working with Folders

Your computer is just like a filing cabinet! If you look around your office you most likely have a desk and a filing cabinet at a minimum. The top of your desk, or the desktop, most likely has things scattered all around it. Your filing cabinets are full of folders...

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Computer Tip 4: Mouse and Keyboard

In these 4 tutorials we take a look at working with your mouse and keyboard. If you are brand-new to computers learning to work with the mouse and keyboard is essential to having a good experience with your computer. Many people use laptop computers and those...

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