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YouTube Tip 8: Videos of a Typical Day

YouTube Video Examples: A Typical Work Day To illustrate my point that you could find videos on YouTube about just about anything, I found myself wondering how could I get that point across to you. I decided on illustrating a typical work day for many of us. That...

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1 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 1: Learn Word First

This is Why I'm Submitting my Office 2003 Word Tutorials for Your Review. An article by Andy Patrizio on the website states that "Microsoft Office 2003 is a bigger threat to Microsoft and Google docs.  Market research firm Forrester Research has just...

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Learning All About Alexa Skills: What Are They?

What Is an Alexa Skill? Your Amazon smart speaker offers a wide range of resources such as games, news and information, technology services, entertainment and much more. To connect your device to these offerings you must connect using a skill. Think of a skill as a...

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Setting Up Your Amazon Echo Dot: 3 Videos

  So you’ve decided to buy in the Amazon Echo Dot and it has arrived at your home or office. How do you set it up? This video is directly from Amazon’s YouTube channel will show you how to set up the Echo Dot. You will learn about the cables that came with your...

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What is an Echo Dot from Amazon?

Learning about the Echo Dot from Amazon It is quite possible that you have heard about Alexa.  What is Alexa and how do you get it?  To start, you can purchase an Echo Dot at a local retailer or directly from Amazon. In this video you will learn how to set an alarm,...

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Samsung Galaxy S5- Voice Typing – YouTube

How to type in and enter text using your voice on your Samsung Galaxy S5. ShowHow2 is world's easiest self support platform.It makes complex technologies easy to understand and products simple to use. Now Everything is Easy. From:

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What is DuckDuckGo?

The search engine that all of us know is Google, and some of you might use Yahoo or Bing as your preferred search engine. But my experience has been that few of you know about a search engine called DuckDuckGo. What makes DuckDuckGo unique is that it protects you when...

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Computer Tip 14: Be Careful of Phishing Emails

I have clients that have fallen victim to the curiosity of phishing emails. Be careful. Phishing emails prey on the curiosity of people that get emails from well known companies that suggests action needs to be taken by clicking on a link in an email. For example, you...

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Intro to Microsoft Project 2013 – YouTube

Intro to Microsoft Project 2013 Published on Mar 30, 2015 Online Software Training: -Unlimited Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, MS Office, PhotoShop, Web Design, & lots more! -17 years teaching software to industry leaders. -Easy...

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Google Docs

One of the best reasons to set up a Google account is to have access to Google Docs. Google Docs offers a word processor, a spreadsheet and a drawing program. These free tools compete with Microsoft office and are a great alternative for people who cannot afford to...

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2 – Microsoft Outlook 2003 Training

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Training Part 2 of 3 Click Here to watch Outlook 2  (32:00) Note: this is a recording of a live webinar Begin: Distracted by email | Cleanup your inbox | Train people that send you email | Sending an Email | To, CC & BCC | The importance of...

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15 Google Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

15 Google Marketing Tools You Should Be Using | Written by Pamela Vaughan | @pamelump You may have heard of this little thing called Google. You know, where 1.17 billion people go to find stuff on the web? But Google is more than just a search engine. So much more.In...

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iPhone Tip 13: Browsing the Web

In this video tutorial we will take a look at browsing the web on your iPhone. You have quite a few options for browsing the web on your iPhone and we will explore some of those options and take a look at some of the apps you can download to make this task easier....

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iOS 9 Battery Saving Tips – YouTube

iOS 9 Battery Saving Tips by zollotech Published on Oct 25, 2015 ZolloTech will show you how to get the most out of your battery on you iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or any device running iOS 9. Great Video

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15 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 15: Toolbar Options

The toolbar is just one of the many things you can customize in Microsoft Office. Microsoft office is made it easy for you to customize the toolbar in Microsoft Word 2003. Well, maybe easy isn't the right way to describe it. Customizing the toolbar allows you to add...

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Windows 10 – Beginners Guide Tutorial – YouTube

Windows 10 - Beginners Guide Tutorial This tutorial provides a detailed beginners guide to Windows 10. This covers the Windows 10 Start Menu, System Settings, Windows 10 Universal Apps, Taskbar, Cortana Digital Assistant, Task View (Multiple Desktops), File Explorer,...

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19 – Microsoft Word 2003 Tip 19: Lines

In this tutorial we will take a look at making lines in a Word document. Sometimes lines can be used to break up text or a section in a Microsoft Word document. We will take a look at the dash, underscore, squiggly and equal sign to show you how to quickly and...

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Top 10 business apps | Leadership | Business Review Europe

Smart phones and tablets have made it so easy for us to work on the go. The range of apps available means that it’s easier than ever to pay for things, book taxis, stay organised, collaborate and more. Here’s a list of the top 10 business apps. Source: Top 10 business...

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